What Makes the Cellular Shades Attractive

The very beauty of the cellular shades is the somewhat soft looks to a room that it provides.  The honeycomb structure of the cheap cellular shades makes it one of the most efficient insulators of heat and controls the ingress of light to space too. In many ways, it is the multi-functional role that the cellular styled window dressing provides the customer that makes this type of blinds one of the active options to make use of in any situation.

Although looks are important in presenting the interior of homes and places of work, it must be said that the honeycomb blinds are very functional too. It is possible to have strong insulating properties at a much less cost as compared to the alternatives and done in a much more cost-effective manner.

The possible variations in the cellular shade construction

If there were a single element that goes to define the nature of the cellular shades, then it has to be material used in the creation of the blinds. It is common to find the shades done in fabric that is light filtering, Semi-sheer, blackout, and room darkening and so on. The very utility of the top down bottom up cordless cellular shades lies in its ability to be customized to the actual application.


What Makes the Cellular Shades Attractive


Moreover, it is possible to have multilayered inner honeycomb structure to meet the needs of the situation. Thus the single-layered, the double-layered and the triple-layered filler material that more or less defines the extent of insulation that the shades provide the user.

Possible additional features

The window blinds are capable of being changed and modified to suit the requirement as best as could be done. Thus other than the traditional approach to covering the window spaces, the cellular shades can be made still more effective by applying some very innovative features to the underlying structure.

Side Rails

These are more of channels that are run along the sides of the cellular shades. They are provided to keep the shades firmly pressed against the frame of the windows. This completely seals out the outside from the interior and holds the most extreme of heat and cold out of the room.

Hands-Free Operation

The hands-free style of operation of the cellular shades is done by incorporating some methods to move the shades upwards and downwards. The more technically advanced methods use small motors to achieve this effect. Then there are the less complex systems that use a combination of springs and levers to produce the motion.

The adaptability of the cellular shades

It is rather hard to think of situations which could not be handled by the cellular shades. Instances of the honeycomb shades being used in circular arches, skylights, narrow windows, and the likes are very commonplace. This could be the single factor that has made this type of window dressing popular and long lasting as well. There has never been a time when the cellular shades have been out of vogue.