Slumber Party: Finding the Ideal Pillow for Your Good Night Sleep

No matter how old you get, sleep will always be an essential part of your life. To sleep soundly at night, you need to have a comfortable bed and pillows. These are crucial factors which affect the quality of your sleep.

To ensure that you sleep well, you need the best pillows on your bed. First, you need to identify the difference among several pillow types before choosing which one is the best pillow for you.

Types of bed pillows


Various kinds of pillows that are available in the market. Identify the pillow type that fits your sleeping needs and gives you maximum comfort.

  • Toddler-size pillows

Toddler-size pillows are smaller than the usual pillows. The usual size is 13×18. These are made for little kids. It’s also made to match the small size of a kid’s head. Most of the toddler-size pillows on the market are hypoallergenic since young kids are more prone to allergies and nasal irritation caused by dust.

Toddler-size pillows are also perfect travel companions. If you’re planning to go on a road trip or you have a long journey scheduled, consider getting this type of pillow. If you can’t find it in the pillow section of stores, try searching in the nursery or kids area.

  • Memory Foam

Memory foam is a sponge-like foam that fits in the contours of your head and neck, making it an excellent companion for people with back or neck pain. It offers excellent support and gives you comfortable sleeping time. It’s also not as hard as some pillow types. Memory foam can get a bit hot, so you might need to place this type of pillow in an airconditioned room.

  • Latex

Natural latex is made out of rubber trees, so some people might find this pillow as bouncy.  It’s firm and soft at the same time. It also offers good support for the head and neck. It’s very durable and lasts longer than the other pillow types.

  • Polyester

Polyester is soft and machine washable, making it an ideal pillow type for your home. This pillow type can give you comfort and moderate support when you’re sleeping. Most polyester pillows are also affordable.

Polyester gives support, but if you need a firm pillow, this pillow isn’t firm enough. It can also flatten after a while, and the material can lump together on several areas.

  • Goose Down or Duck Feather

This type of pillow is lightweight, suitable for those who enjoy lying on soft pillows.This pillow type can adjust to your sleeping position because of its softness. Goose down pillows can be more expensive than duck feather. If you’re a bit tight on budget, you might consider buying duck feather pillows from sites such as Deal Wiki.

If you’re allergic to feathers or birds, consider buying other types of pillow. It also doesn’t offer a lot of support because of its softness.

Choosing your pillow

Consider several factors when selecting your pillow. It’s not only the pillow that matters. Your preference also affects your choice of pillows.

  • Your sleeping position should matter a lot when you choose your pillow. If you sleep on your side, consider buying a firm pillow. Your neck will be stiff in the morning if your pillow is too soft. If you sleep on your back, you need thin pillows so that your head isn’t too far from the surface of the bed. If you sleep on your stomach, consider putting a pillow under your stomach to avoid back pain in the morning.
  • Some pillows are more expensive than some. If you’re a bit tight on budget, buy inexpensive pillows. Make sure that these pillows are still comfortable enough for you. An expensive pillow doesn’t guarantee comfort. You can go for low-cost yet sleep soundly at night.
  • If it’s allowed, try out the pillow while you’re in the store. You can test if the pillow is comfortable enough for you, or if you need another type of pillow. Don’t be embarrassed to ask if you can test out a pillow. You might regret buying it if you can’t sleep comfortably at night.


Sleeping is the most effective way to rest the body, so make sure that you have a comfortable bed and pillows when you sleep. Pillows are essential because it’ll support your head and neck as you sleep. Choosing the wrong pillow type can give you a stiff neck or lead to more stress for you. You won’t be able to sleep well. Choose the best pillow that you think will give you the most comfort when sleeping.

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